Invstr 1m 20m azevedotechcrunch

Invstr 1m 20m azevedotechcrunch

Investment app Invstr has recently announced that it has raised $20 million in a funding round led by Azevedo Family Capital, with participation from existing investors. The news was first reported by TechCrunch, and it has generated a lot of buzz in the investment community. In this article, we will take a closer look at the latest investment news surrounding Invstr 1m 20m azevedotechcrunch and what it means for the company.

The Funding Round and Investors

The $20 million funding round was led by Azevedo Family Capital, a private investment firm based in Brazil. The firm is known for its investments in technology companies. And it has previously invested in companies such as Uber and Airbnb. In addition to Azevedo Family Capital, existing investors also participated in the funding round. According to Invstr CEO Kerim Derhalli, the funding will also be used to expand the company’s user base and develop new features for the app. The app currently has over one million users. And the company aims to reach five million users by the end of 2022.

The Future of Invstr

Invstr is a popular investment app that allows users to learn about investing, track their portfolios, and connect with other investors. The app has been praised for its user-friendly interface and educational content. And it has received positive reviews from users and industry experts alike. With the recent funding round, Invstr is also well-positioned to continue its growth and expand its user base. The company has already announced plans to launch a new feature that will allow users to invest in cryptocurrencies. Which could attract even more users to the app.


Overall, the recent funding round for Invstr is a positive sign for the company and the investment community as a whole. With the support of Azevedo Family Capital and other investors. Invstr is also well-positioned to continue its growth and expand its user base. The app’s focus on education and user-friendly design has made it a popular choice for investors. And the addition of new features such as cryptocurrency investing could attract even more users in the future.

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