Bad News for ‘Trump-Adjacent Weirdos’ Delights

Bad News for ‘Trump-Adjacent Weirdos’ Delights

Late-night television host Seth Meyers has found a new source of amusement in the downfall of what he refers to as “Trump-adjacent weirdos.” These individuals, who have been associated with former President Donald Trump in some way, have become the subject of Meyers’ comedic commentary. From legal troubles to conspiracy theories, Meyers has had plenty of material to work with in recent years [4]. One notable example is MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who recently received bad news regarding a defamation suit against him over his claims of election fraud [1]. Meyers’ delight in the misfortunes of these individuals is not surprising given his vocal opposition to the former president and his policies [3]. In this article, we will explore why the downfall of “Trump-adjacent weirdos” brings such delight to Meyers and other late-night hosts.

The Delightful Downfall of Trump-Adjacent Weirdos

Section 1: Legal Troubles and Accountability

One reason for Meyers’ amusement at the misfortunes of “Trump-adjacent weirdos” is the numerous legal troubles faced by Trump’s inner circle. From former campaign advisers to cabinet members, many individuals associated with Trump have found themselves entangled in legal battles [4]. These legal challenges provide ample material for Meyers to mock and satirize on his show. The public scrutiny and accountability that come with these legal proceedings serve as a form of comeuppance for those who have supported or enabled Trump’s controversial actions and policies.

Conspiracy Theories and Debunking

Another source of delight for Meyers is the implosion of conspiracy theories propagated by “Trump-adjacent weirdos.” QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory that gained traction during Trump’s presidency, has been a particularly ripe target for Meyers’ comedic commentary [4]. As these conspiracy theories unravel and are debunked, Meyers seizes the opportunity to expose the absurdity and misinformation that they perpetuate. By shedding light on the fallacies behind these theories, Meyers aims to provide his audience with a dose of critical thinking and rationality.

 Political Satire and Critique

Meyers’ delight in the downfall of “Trump-adjacent weirdos” is also rooted in his political satire and critique. As a late-night host, Meyers has a platform to express his views and opinions on current events and political figures. Given his vocal opposition to Trump and his policies, Meyers takes pleasure in highlighting the flaws and controversies surrounding those associated with the former president. Through his comedic lens, Meyers aims to shed light on the questionable actions and ideologies that have permeated Trump’s inner circle.

 Public Opinion and Validation

The amusement Meyers finds in the downfall of “Trump-adjacent weirdos” is not limited to his own personal views. It also resonates with a significant portion of the public who share similar sentiments. Meyers’ comedic commentary serves as a form of validation for those who have been critical of Trump and his associates. By mocking and ridiculing these individuals, Meyers provides a cathartic release for those who feel frustrated or disillusioned by the actions of Trump’s inner circle. This shared amusement creates a sense of camaraderie between Meyers and his audience, further fueling his delight in the misfortunes of “Trump-adjacent weirdos.”


Seth Meyers’ delight in the downfall of “Trump-adjacent weirdos” stems from various factors, including legal troubles, conspiracy theories, political satire, and public opinion. The legal challenges faced by those associated with Trump provide material for Meyers’ comedic commentary, while the debunking of conspiracy theories allows him to expose misinformation. Meyers’ political satire and critique reflect his opposition to Trump and his policies, and his amusement resonates with a public that shares similar sentiments. Ultimately, the downfall of “Trump-adjacent weirdos” brings a sense of satisfaction and validation to Meyers and his audience.

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