Raises $1.09 Billion in Hong Kong Secondayndar Raises $1.09 Billion in Hong Kong Secondayndar, the Chinese online travel giant, has successfully raised $1.09 billion in its secondary listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange [1]. The company’s shares began trading on April 19, 2021, under the ticker symbol “9961.HK” [1]. This strategic move comes as aims to expand its business and strengthen its position in the highly competitive online travel market.

Merging Forces: and Ctrip

In a significant development for the Chinese travel industry, and Ctrip, the country’s two largest online travel agencies, have announced their merger to create a $1.09 billion Hong Kong listing [3]. This merger is expected to establish a dominant player in the Chinese travel market and provide a much-needed boost to the country’s tourism industry, which has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic [3].

Expanding Global Reach

Ctrip, now part of the merged entity with, has been actively investing in its global expansion efforts. The company recently injected $1.09 billion Hong Kong USFIORETTIBLOOMBERG into its global expansion plans [5]. This significant investment marks an important milestone for Ctrip as it seeks to extend its reach beyond China and tap into global markets [5].

Driving Innovation in Online Travel

The merger between and Ctrip brings together two industry leaders with a shared vision of driving innovation in the online travel sector. By combining their resources and expertise, the companies aim to enhance their product offerings, improve customer experiences, and capture a larger market share.

One area where this merger is expected to have a significant impact is in the development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics. Both and Ctrip have been at the forefront of leveraging these technologies to provide personalized travel recommendations, streamline booking processes, and optimize travel itineraries. By pooling their resources, the merged entity can accelerate the development and implementation of these technologies, further enhancing the overall travel experience for their customers.

Furthermore, the merger will also enable and Ctrip to leverage their extensive networks and partnerships in the travel industry. This will allow them to negotiate better deals with airlines, hotels, and other service providers, ultimately benefiting their customers with more competitive prices and a wider range of options.


The merger between and Ctrip, resulting in a $1.09 billion Hong Kong listing, marks a significant milestone in the Chinese online travel industry [3]. This strategic move not only strengthens the position of both companies but also creates a dominant player in the Chinese travel market [3]. With their combined resources and expertise, and Ctrip are well-positioned to drive innovation, expand their global reach, and provide enhanced travel experiences for their customers.

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