The Evisort AI-Powered 100M Series TCV Kernerventurebeat:

Evisort, a leading provider of contract intelligence solutions, has recently made waves in the industry with its AI-powered 100M Series TCV Kernerventurebeat platform. This innovative technology has transformed the way organizations manage and analyze contract lifecycles, bringing unprecedented efficiency and accuracy to the process. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of Evisort’s platform, explore its impact on contract management, and discuss the significance of its recent funding raise.

Streamlining Contract Management

Evisort’s AI-powered platform revolutionizes contract management by leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. The platform utilizes machine learning algorithms trained on over 10 million documents, enabling it to extract key data points from contracts with remarkable precision [5]. By automating the extraction and analysis of contract data, Evisort eliminates the need for manual review, reducing human error and significantly speeding up the process [1].

One of the standout features of Evisort’s platform is its ability to centralize and organize contract data. The platform aggregates contracts from various sources, such as email attachments or cloud storage, and consolidates them into a single, searchable repository [2]. This centralized approach not only enhances accessibility but also enables organizations to gain valuable insights from their contract data. With Evisort, businesses can easily track contract milestones, monitor key terms and conditions, and identify potential risks or opportunities [1].

Enhancing Efficiency and Compliance

Evisort’s AI-powered platform brings unparalleled efficiency to contract management workflows. By automating time-consuming tasks such as contract review and data extraction, organizations can allocate their resources more effectively [3]. Legal, procurement, and sales operations teams can focus on higher-value activities, such as negotiating contracts or developing strategic partnerships, while Evisort handles the administrative aspects [1].

Furthermore, Evisort’s platform ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations. The company is the first in its industry to be certified by ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, and 27701, demonstrating its commitment to data security and privacy [4]. Organizations can trust that their sensitive contract data is protected and handled in accordance with the highest standards.

Driving Business Insights

With its advanced AI capabilities, Evisort’s platform goes beyond streamlining contract management processes. It also empowers organizations to derive valuable business insights from their contract data. By analyzing patterns and trends across contracts, businesses can identify opportunities for cost savings, negotiate more favorable terms, and optimize their overall contract strategy [1].

Evisort’s platform offers powerful analytics and reporting functionalities, allowing organizations to generate customized reports and visualizations based on their specific needs [2]. These insights enable informed decision-making and help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

Recent Funding Raise

In May 2022, Evisort announced a significant funding raise of $100 million, led by TCV, a prominent venture capital firm [3]. This funding will enable Evisort to further enhance its AI-powered platform and expand its reach in the market. The investment from TCV underscores the potential and value of Evisort’s technology in transforming contract management processes [5].


Evisort’s AI-powered 100M Series TCV Kernerventurebeat platform has revolutionized contract management by automating manual processes, enhancing efficiency, ensuring compliance, and driving valuable business insights. With its recent funding raise, Evisort is well-positioned to continue innovating and delivering exceptional contract intelligence solutions to organizations worldwide. As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of efficient contract management, Evisort’s platform stands out as a game-changer in the industry.

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