The Bitter Aperitif Category

The Bitter Aperitif Category

Cynar 70 is a unique liqueur that has gained popularity among cocktail enthusiasts and connoisseurs. This bitter aperitif, bottled at a higher proof than its predecessor Cynar, offers a more intense flavor profile and a richer drinking experience. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of Cynar 70, its taste, and how it compares to other bitter liqueurs on the market.

The Bitter Aperitif Category

Cynar 70 is designed to put the liqueur into a category alongside Jagermeister and Fernet. both bitter aperitifs but bottled at a much higher proof than Cynar or Campari. While Cynar and Campari have a similar bitter approach, with proofs of 33 and 48 respectively, Cynar 70 takes it up a notch with its 70 proof (35% ABV). This higher proof release gives Cynar 70 a notable darker color and a heavier, thicker texture in the glass.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

One of the standout features of Cynar 70 is its expressive aroma. The nose of Cynar 70 is notably more pronounced, with stronger presence of cinchona bark, black pepper, rhubarb root, and dried orange peel. These botanicals contribute to the complex flavor profile of the liqueur.

Upon tasting, Cynar 70 offers a delightful combination of bitter and sweet notes. The higher proof allows deeper, darker, sweeter flavors to emerge, reminiscent of coffee and dark chocolate gilded with orange peel and cinnamon. This creates a unique and sophisticated drinking experience that sets Cynar 70 apart from other bitter liqueurs.

Versatility in Cocktails

Cynar 70’s versatility makes it a favorite among mixologists. Its robust flavor profile allows it to shine in a variety of cocktails, adding depth and complexity. The bitter-sweet balance of Cynar 70 makes it an excellent choice for classic cocktails like the Negroni, where it can replace Campari to create a more intense and layered drink.

Cynar 70 also pairs well with other spirits, such as whiskey or rum, adding a bitter edge that complements the sweetness of these spirits. Its unique flavor profile makes it a versatile ingredient in both classic and innovative cocktail recipes.

Availability and Price

Cynar 70 is widely available in liquor stores and online retailers. It is packaged in a 1-liter bottle, making it a great option for those who enjoy entertaining or experimenting with cocktails at home. The price of Cynar 70 varies depending on the location and retailer, but it typically falls within the range of $30 to $40.


Cynar 70 is a remarkable liqueur that offers a more intense and complex drinking experience compared to its predecessor, Cynar. With its higher proof and expressive flavor profile, Cynar 70 stands out among other bitter liqueurs on the market. Its versatility in cocktails and wide availability make it a go-to choice for mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts alike. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as an ingredient in cocktails, Cynar 70 is sure to satisfy those who appreciate the bitter-sweet balance and the depth of flavors it brings to the glass.

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