Postscript sms 35m greylock yckumparaktechcrunch

Postscript sms 35m greylock yckumparaktechcrunch

Postscript sms 35m greylock yckumparaktechcrunch, a startup that helps e-commerce businesses communicate with customers via SMS, has raised $35 million in a Series B funding round led by Greylock. The funding will be used to,[ expand the company’s team and product offerings. Founded in 2018, Postscript allows businesses to send personalized text messages to customers, such as order confirmations, shipping updates, and promotional offers. The platform integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, making it easy for businesses to get started.

Expanding the Team and Product Offerings

With the new funding, Postscript plans to expand its team and product offerings. The company currently has 70 employees and plans to hire more engineers, salespeople, and customer support staff. Postscript also plans to invest in new features for its platform, such as integrations with more e-commerce platforms and tools for automating SMS campaigns. The company has already seen success with its existing features, with customers reporting higher engagement rates and increased sales.

The Growing Importance of SMS for E-Commerce

SMS has become an increasingly important channel for e-commerce businesses to communicate with customers. According to a study by OpenMarket, 75% of consumers would like to receive offers via SMS. And 85% of consumers open every text message they receive. Postscript well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, with its easy-to-use platform and focus on personalized messaging. The company has already attracted a number of high-profile customers, including Brooklinen, Native, and Allbirds.


Postscript’s latest funding round is a testament to the growing importance of SMS in e-commerce. With its focus on personalized messaging and integrations with popular e-commerce platforms. Postscript well-positioned to help businesses communicate with customers more effectively. The company’s plans to expand its team and product offerings should help it continue to grow and attract new customers in the coming years.

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