Flat.mx Raises $20M in Series A Funding to Revolutionize Mexico’s Real

Flat.mx Raises $20M in Series A Funding to Revolutionize Mexico’s Real

Flat.mx, a Mexico-based proptech startup, has recently raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Anthemis and 500 Startups [1]. The company aims to revolutionize Mexico’s real estate market by providing a one-stop-shop for buying, renovating, and reselling residential properties. With the new funding, Flat.mx plans to expand its operations and improve its technology to provide better services to its customers [2].

The Broken Real Estate Market in Mexico

Mexico’s real estate market is notoriously difficult to navigate, with high transaction costs, complex regulations, and a lack of transparency [1]. According to Flat.mx co-founder Victor Noguera, the process of buying and selling a property in Mexico can take up to six months and involves multiple intermediaries, making it a frustrating experience for both buyers and sellers [1]. Flat.mx aims to simplify this process by providing a platform that connects buyers directly with sellers and offers a range of services, including property inspections, renovations, and financing [3].

Building a Real Estate “Super App” for Latin America

Flat.mx’s ultimate goal is to become a real estate “super app” for Latin America, offering a range of services beyond buying and selling properties [1]. The company plans to expand into other countries in the region and offer services such as property management, vacation rentals, and co-living spaces [2]. With the new funding, Flat.mx aims to accelerate its growth and become the go-to platform for all real estate needs in Latin America.

The Investors Behind Flat.mx’s Success

Anthemis and 500 Startups are two of the most prominent venture capital firms in the world, with a track record of investing in successful startups [1]. Anthemis, in particular, has a focus on fintech and proptech startups and has invested in companies such as Better Mortgage and Hippo Insurance [2]. 500 Startups, on the other hand, is a global venture capital firm that has invested in over 2,500 companies worldwide, including Canva and Talkdesk [1]. The participation of these two firms in Flat.mx’s Series A funding round is a testament to the company’s potential for success.


Flat.mx’s recent Series A funding round is a significant milestone for the company and a positive development for Mexico’s real estate market. With the new funding, Flat.mx can expand its operations and offer better services to its customers. The company’s ultimate goal of becoming a real estate “super app” for Latin America is ambitious but achievable with the support of investors such as Anthemis and 500 Startups. Flat.mx’s success could pave the way for other proptech startups in the region and help to modernize the real estate industry in Latin America.


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