Disney Marathon Course Map

Disney Marathon Course Map

The Disney Marathon isn’t just any running event; it’s a journey through a world of enchantment, magic, and endurance. Spanning across the vibrant landscapes of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, the marathon offers participants a unique opportunity to race through iconic locations, experiencing the thrill of running amidst beloved Disney characters and attractions.

The marathon’s course map is not just a guide; it’s a roadmap to a fairy-tale adventure. With each mile, runners traverse a carefully curated route that showcases the essence of Disney’s captivating universe. Let’s embark on a virtual exploration of this magical course map and uncover the wonder it holds at every turn.

Mile 1-3: Start Line to Magic Kingdom

The marathon commences with an exhilarating start near Epcot, setting the stage for an epic journey. As the runners take their initial strides, they pass through scenic areas before arriving at the iconic Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom. The sight of this majestic castle serves as an awe-inspiring motivator for the miles ahead.

Mile 4-6: Magic Kingdom to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Exiting the enchanting world of Magic Kingdom, the course leads through charming backstage areas, offering glimpses behind the scenes of the Disney magic. The journey continues to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where runners are greeted by the lush greenery and captivating wildlife-themed landscapes that define this unique park.

Mile 7-13: Disney’s Animal Kingdom to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Leaving behind the animal wonders, the course winds through picturesque roads and entertainment-filled stretches before arriving at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. This segment of the race offers a blend of serene natural beauty and sporting energy, with spectators cheering runners towards their personal triumphs.

Mile 14-20: Disney’s Hollywood Studio

Exiting the sports complex, participants venture towards Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where the glitz and glamour of showbiz come alive. The course unfolds amidst iconic landmarks and sets reminiscent of beloved movies, invoking a sense of nostalgia and excitement.

Mile 21-23: Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Epcot

The final stretch draws closer as runners bid farewell to Hollywood Studios. The course then takes them on a route showcasing the innovation and international flair of Epcot. The diverse pavilions and futuristic landscapes serve as a testament to the creativity and imagination synonymous with Disney.

Mile 24-26.2: Epcot to the Finish Line

As the marathon enters its closing chapters, the energy surges as participants approach the finish line. Running through World Showcase, amidst cheering spectators and iconic landmarks from around the globe, the runners find the strength to push through the last miles, fueled by the spirit of accomplishment and the magical atmosphere of Disney.

Crossing the finish line isn’t just about completing a marathon; it’s a celebration of determination, perseverance, and the enchanting experience of running through the heart of Disney.


The Disney Marathon’s course map isn’t just a route; it’s a magical expedition that weaves together the essence of Disney’s imagination, creating an unforgettable journey for every participant. As runners lace up their shoes and follow this map, they’re not just racing through miles, but also through cherished memories and the enchantment that only Disney can provide.


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