Bad Trump-Adjacent Weirdos Set Seth Meyers Delighted

Bad Trump-Adjacent Weirdos Set Seth Meyers Delighted

Late-night talk show host Seth Meyers is known for his political commentary and satirical take on current events. Recently, he took aim at a group of individuals he referred to as “Trump-adjacent weirdos.” In a segment titled “Bad Trump-Adjacent Weirdos Set Seth Meyers,” he highlighted some of the more questionable characters in the Trump orbit [5]. Meyers poked fun at their election fraud conspiracy theories and enjoyed seeing one of them, Mike Lindell, get word on camera that a defamation suit against him over his claims of election fraud would proceed [1].

The MyPillow CEO’s Reaction

Lindell, the MyPillow CEO, has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and has been pushing baseless claims of election fraud. Meyers and Stephen Colbert largely focused on Lindell, whose reaction to the news was caught on camera [4]. Lindell appeared to be in disbelief and repeatedly asked his lawyer if he was joking. Meyers found the whole thing amusing and couldn’t resist making fun of Lindell’s reaction.

Other Characters in the Trump Orbit

In addition to Lindell, Meyers also highlighted other individuals who have been associated with President Trump in one way or another but have also been involved in controversial or questionable activities [5]. These include Rudy Giuliani, who has been at the forefront of Trump’s legal battles over the election results, and Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally who was convicted of lying to Congress and witness tampering in connection with the Russia investigation.

The Impact of Meyers’ Segment

Meyers’ segment was well-received by his audience, many of whom took to social media to express their delight [2]. Some viewers even suggested that Meyers should do a regular segment on “Trump-adjacent weirdos.” However, not everyone was amused. Some Trump supporters criticized Meyers for being biased and accused him of spreading fake news [3].


Seth Meyers’ segment on “Bad Trump-Adjacent Weirdos” was a humorous take on some of the more questionable characters in the Trump orbit. While some viewers found it amusing, others criticized Meyers for being biased. Regardless of one’s political views, it’s clear that Meyers’ segment struck a chord with his audience and sparked a conversation about the impact of Trump and his associates on American politics.

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