Bad News for ‘Trump-Adjacent Weirdos’ Delights Seth Meyers

Bad News for ‘Trump-Adjacent Weirdos’ Delights Seth Meyers

Late-night television host Seth Meyers is known for his sharp wit and political commentary. Recently, Meyers found himself delighted by some bad news for what he called “Trump-adjacent weirdos” [1]. Specifically, Meyers enjoyed seeing MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell get word on camera that a defamation suit against him over his claims of election fraud would be moving forward [1].

Meyers has been hosting NBC’s Late Night for nearly ten years [2]. During that time, he has become known for his incisive commentary on current events, particularly when it comes to politics. Meyers’ humor often skewers politicians and public figures who he feels are acting in bad faith or spreading misinformation.

In the case of Lindell, Meyers has been particularly critical. Lindell has been one of the most vocal supporters of former President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud. Despite a lack of evidence to support these claims, Lindell has continued to promote them through his company, MyPillow.

When news broke that Lindell would be facing a defamation suit over these claims, Meyers was quick to celebrate. During a recent episode of Late Night, Meyers played a clip of Lindell receiving the news on camera. “This is amazing,” Meyers said. “I love this so much” [1].

Meyers’ delight at Lindell’s misfortune is indicative of his broader approach to political commentary. While he is certainly not above making jokes at the expense of public figures, Meyers’ humor often serves a more serious purpose. By calling out those who spread misinformation or act in bad faith, Meyers hopes to hold them accountable and encourage his audience to think critically about the issues at hand.

The Future of Late-Night Television

While Meyers has been a fixture of late-night television for nearly a decade, the landscape of the industry is constantly evolving. Recently, Meyers took a closer look at the future of late-night in a segment on his show [2].

During the segment, Meyers discussed the challenges facing late-night hosts in an era of rapidly changing media consumption habits. With more and more people turning to streaming services and social media for their entertainment, traditional late-night shows have had to adapt in order to stay relevant.

For Meyers, this has meant embracing new platforms and formats. In addition to his work on Late Night, Meyers has also become a popular presence on social media. He frequently shares clips from his show on Twitter and interacts with fans online.

Despite these challenges, Meyers remains optimistic about the future of late-night television. “I think there will always be a place for smart, funny people to talk about what’s going on in the world,” he said during the segment [2].

The Longevity of Late Night with Seth Meyers

One reason for Meyers’ optimism about the future of late-night television may be the success of his own show. Late Night with Seth Meyers has been on the air for nearly ten years, making Meyers one of the longest-serving hosts in the industry [2].

During his tenure, Meyers has won critical acclaim for his political commentary and his interviews with a wide range of guests. He has also been praised for his ability to adapt to changing circumstances, such as the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the many changes that have taken place in the industry over the past decade, Meyers’ show has remained a consistent presence on late-night television. This longevity is a testament to Meyers’ talent and his ability to connect with audiences.

Seth Meyers on Fox News

While Meyers has made a name for himself by calling out those who spread misinformation, he has also been critical of the media outlets that enable them. In particular, Meyers has been vocal in his criticism of Fox News [4].

During a recent episode of Late Night, Meyers discussed the Dominion Voting System defamation lawsuit against Fox News. In the lawsuit, billionaire owner Rupert Murdoch admitted in a deposition that he knew some of the network’s election-related coverage was false [4].

Meyers was quick to point out the implications of this admission. “They are captive to the audience they created,” he said of Fox News. “They can’t tell them the truth because they’ve spent decades telling them lies” [4].

Meyers’ criticism of Fox News is indicative of his broader approach to political commentary. By holding media outlets accountable for their role in spreading misinformation, Meyers hopes to encourage his audience to seek out accurate information and think critically about the issues at hand.


Seth Meyers is a unique voice in the world of late-night television. His sharp wit and incisive political commentary have made him a beloved figure among audiences and a thorn in the side of those who spread misinformation. As the industry continues to evolve, Meyers remains optimistic about the future of late-night television and his own role in it.

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